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    "I am excited to now have the knowledge behind what it takes to be unforgettable! I just enrolled in Pods In Excellence."

    Alisa L.

    Atlanta, Ga

    What you get:

    This book is designed to not only help you get started, but to remain a podcaster for years to come. You will learn, with the multiple different activities how to set yourself up as the expert!

    In This EBook....

    • Beyond Hosting Platforms and Equipment!
    • Never Run Out of Content
    • Your content isn't bad, you just have to find the right audience!
    • How to boost your downloads and how I did it!
    • Why Video Podcasting Expands Your Reach
    • Imposter Syndrome is REAL and you must defeat it!
    • The Mindset Of A Podcaster
    • The Mindset Exercise
    • Investing In You and Your Podcast